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Story – April 17, 2018

Grants Awarded During Spring Session

— April 17, 2018 by Jeremy Bergen, Swan Valley Star and Times

Jeremy Bergen
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The Community Foundation of Swan Valley (CFSV) held their first ever spring granting night on Thursday (April 12) in the SVRSS cafeteria. The special presentation – intended to be an annual affair – is an adjustment of how the CFSV gives out community grants, and allows for a more convenient application process for non-profit organizations to apply for grants.

Early in the evening, director Norm Bruce spoke on the success of the CFSV, and how it has grown since its inception. “When we started out, we were all completely volunteers,” he said. “We did the treasurer work, we did the secretary work, we did it all. As it has grown, we now have an executive director on a part-time basis. I can’t wait for it to be a full-time basis, because we have so much room to grow.”

The CFSV handed the following community grants to the following organizations throughout the evening:

Two community grants that were intended to be presented at last December’s granting night were also given out to:

A Youth in Philanthropy program was also reignited this year in the SVRSS. Facilitator and SVRSS teacher Austen Anderson leads a committee of students that work to raise funds and designate where the fruits of their efforts will go to benefit. The groups that received Youth in Philanthropy grants were:

“As someone who is relatively new to the Valley, it’s amazing what it has to offer,” said CFSV Vice Chair Tim Mendel in his closing words. “These opportunities don’t exist without people being involved. For the small part that (the CFSV) plays, and the huge part that people play, it makes the Valley the envy of Manitoba.”