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Story – February 13, 2018

Investing Back in the Community

— February 13, 2018 by Jeremy Bergen, Swan Valley Star and Times

The organizing committee for the 2018 Canadian Mixed Curling Championships (CMCC) – which was held in Swan River this past November – have completed their financial statements, and the bottom line of the event’s accounts ended up significantly in the black. After all expenses were calculated, the remaining profits totalled $33,821.20. As part of the bid to host the championship, Curling Canada receives $7,132.12 – a sum of the $5,000.00 bid amount plus 10 percent of the profits.

Jeremy Bergen
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The remaining profits are being directly invested back into community initiatives that support local curling programs. “We donated $10,000.00 to the Community Foundation of Swan Valley, and that is being set up as a legacy fund for junior curling,” said CMCC organizing committee chair Murray Mullin. “That is going to be there for eternity and it’s going to be available for our junior curlers that may go off to provincials, go to camps (and the like). There will be a committee that will be set up to make determinations for that in the future. “Our junior curlers are something that are going to make our club continue, and by doing this, if we can help a few of them enjoy the game more or move on to an elite status, that’s something we’re hoping this legacy fund will be able to do for the future of junior curling.”

The balance of the profits were donated to the Swan River Community Centre (SRCC), which came out to $16,689.08. The financial benefit to the SRCC doesn’t include the money they made directly from the liquor and concession sales throughout the course of the week. “It was a great week,” said Mullin. “I think it was very well received. It was a very profitable week and something that the community should be very proud of.” Mullin once again expressed his gratitude toward the event sponsors and the volunteers that stepped up and allowed the community to make a good impression for the national visitors and for Curling Canada.