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Story – December 13, 2016

Community Foundation Grants More than $70,000

— December 13, 2016 by Jeremy Bergen, Swan Valley Star and Times

The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.—William James

The community of Swan Valley demonstrated its lasting legacy when the Community Foundation of Swan Valley (CFSV) held their 12th annual meeting and grant night on Tuesday (December 6) in the banquet room of the Westwood Inn. During the evening, more than $70,000 in grants were given to 31 recipients.

“In three or four years, (the available grants) are going to be sitting at $100,000, which is not too bad for five guys sitting around Dutchies one afternoon deciding that this is something the Swan Valley should have,” said CFSV Board Chair Bob Woodward. “One thing you’ll see is that the whole Valley is getting money from this foundation, and this foundation has helped the people of the outlying communities keep their communities going.”

Built entirely of donations made to the foundation since its inception in 2005, approximately $2.135 million—as of September 30—is collecting interest that is given back to the community in the form of grants. In a brief financial report given by CFSV Treasurer Lorne Henkelman, it was mentioned that the principal fund has grown by nearly $170,000, and continues to be well looked after. “The return on the fund for this last year averaged 11.25 percent, which is pretty decent in today’s marketplace,” said Henkelman. “Our five year average is 11.86 percent and the 10 year average is 7.04 percent, which includes the stock market crash of 2008.”

Henkelman also noted that with a minimum contribution of $1,000, donors can also be included in the Canada 150 Club, which was started to help commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation. Club members contributing to the Swan Valley fund will be recognized on a donor wall set up at the Swan Valley Historical Museum.

Jeremy Bergen
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The grants for 2016 were then awarded as follows to:

Funding was also handed out through Donor Advised Funds, in which the donors choose the recipients every year, and Designated Funds, in which a donor-named fund contributes to a specific cause every year, as well as Field of Interest funds, Unrestricted funds and several scholarships and bursaries between $400 and $2,000 that were already handed out during the 2016 SVRSS Graduation Ceremonies.