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Story – November 3, 2015

Cultural Gala successful

— November 3, 2015 by Jeremy Bergen, Swan Valley Star and Times

A night of music, dancing, good food and fellowship was had at the Cultural Gala held at the Veterans Community Hall on Friday (Oct. 30) in support of the Community Foundation of Swan Valley (CFSV).

The night showcased multi-cultural talent with performances from the Dolyna Ukrainian Dancers, the Shaker Misto Ukrainian Dancers, the Swan School of Dance, Dancing Eagle Cree-ations, and singing from Terri Boyd and Rebecca Delaurier. “Martyn Snell also served in a dual purpose role, playing piano to serve as our dinner music and as the music for Terri and Rebecca to sing with,” said CFSV Board Vice Chair Miles Jones.

According to Jones, 147 guests were in attendance to enjoy a multi-course meal provided by caterer Julie Nahnybida. “(Gala attendees) were paying $100 a plate, so we are hoping, after expenses, that we can clear about $7,000 to $8,000,” he said.

“The funding all comes into our Celebrate Canada 150 Club, (which is a new fund set up by the CFSV). One of the things we do as a foundation is to create avenues and opportunities for people to get involved, who are community minded and have decided to make the Swan Valley their home, or in some cases, maybe leaving the Valley and want to leave something behind once they do go.” To get involved in the new fund set up by the CFSV, a minimum donation of $1,000 is needed.

“I think there are very few foundations or clubs that look after people’s money,” said Jones. “People can donate to the community foundation, and that principal donation stays in the Valley forever. Only the interest made from the donations is ever used. For example, if $1,000 is donated and five percent is accrued every year, that fund makes $50 a year. “The funds just keep building and over the years, we’re looking at approximately $1.9 million that we’re collecting interest off of.

“We are really encouraging folks to get involved in our new avenue and opportunity,” Jones concluded. Donations can continue to be made to the CFSV, and a charitable tax receipt will be given. Donations can be passed along to any board member or the CFSV Treasurer Vivian Rooks.