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Story – December 11, 2013

Chairman’s Report for 2012-13 Annual Report

— By Keith Behrmann from Annual Report for July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 —

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We are blessed to live in a country such as Canada. The freedoms and riches we enjoy today were not without cost. It is my hope these will never be taken for granted. They are the products of the sacrifices and struggles of those who gave of themselves to benefit future generations.

I believe that obligation remains unchanged. We have a responsibility to our beneficiaries as they will benefit from our time, talents and treasures. What will our legacy be? Have we made a positive impact on others, our community, and our country or beyond? Whether as individuals, a group or a community, never doubt in your ability to make a difference. It is simply a matter of choice as everyone has something to offer.

Have you noticed the Community Foundation monument at the museum grounds? While “Heritage Club” may not be the most accurate descriptor the purpose is twofold. One is to increase the endowed funds for your Foundation and the other is to recognize individuals and businesses, past or present, who have made a positive contribution or impact on our lives or our communities. Whether it is a parent, relative, friend, pastor, teacher, coach, the list is endless someone has made a difference in your life.

Would it not be nice to recognize them as well as their efforts? You can chose to do this as individuals or as group with a onetime donation or a pledge over time. Once contributions on their behalf meet the $1,000.00 dollar threshold, their name will be placed on the monument. We do not want it to end with a name on a monument as time has a way of fading memories. Who they were, when and where they lived, what they did and why their name is there, can be forgotten. We prefer that not happen. We would like a small biography submitted, preferably with a photo. These will be placed in a binder at the museum, part of our history and their heritage.

It is not how many years we live, but what we do with them. It is not what we receive, but what we give to others.

– Evangeline Booth