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Story – December 8, 2011

Chairman’s Report for 2010-11 Annual Report

— By Keith Behrmann from Annual Report for July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011 —

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As Chairman of the Community Foundation of Swan Valley, one of my jobs is to choose a topic that is timely and focused for the Annual Report. This year I want to talk about the Heritage Club.

If someone were to ask about your heritage, what would you say? Until recently, I’m not sure how I would have answered this question, but having thought and learned about my family’s story, I now have a better appreciation of my own history and that of the richness and diversity of the heritage in the Valley. The traditions handed down from one generation to the next contribute to the pride each of us feels when we gather to celebrate special occasions. Heritage is more than food, faith or language. It may not set us apart from the world, but it does give us a definite appreciation of the diversity that does exist. It makes up part of who we are and how we function. We are the beneficiaries of those pioneers who had the strength, vision, and drive to make our Valley a better place to live and raise our families.

The Heritage Club evolved with more than one purpose in mind: not just to raise funds, but to provide a central location to publicly recognize the contributions of individuals and families, past or present, and to enable each of us to be benefactors of that heritage. Each donation of $1,000 to the Community Foundation of Swan Valley enables families or friends to have the name of the individual or family placed on a plaque located on the Swan Valley Museum grounds. The funds raised will be a source of revenue to be passed down to the generations who follow to make this valley their home.

Our foundation is a unique charity in the Valley in that the money donated is not only tax deductible, it is never used. Only the interest that the dollars earn goes back to the communities through a granting system. To date, our investments exceed one million dollars and our goal is to increase this to two million by 2015 through fund-raising strategies such as the Heritage Club.