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Story – October 19, 2010

What Your Foundation Does for You

— October 19, 2010 Story submitted to Swan Valley Star and Times

Over its five years in existence, the Community Foundation of Swan Valley has given out literally thousands of dollars to local communities to help them with projects and programs.

Angela Hinchcliffe
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The old wooden playground structure at Taylor School had to be replaced as it had become hazardous to the children and splinters were a major issue. It was replaced with an EVOS hemisphere play system. Because of the school’s location, the equipment is not only used by the students, but by many children in the community after school hours and on the weekends and holidays.

The Taylor School Advisory Committee is a volunteer group whose purpose is to give parents, community members, and school representatives the opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions on school policies and procedures, allowing them to become partners in the learning process. They also work very hard to raise funds to help purchase and procure programs and equipment not provided for in the school budget.

The Community Foundation of Swan Valley is designed to help groups such as Taylor School’s PAC and takes pleasure in seeing their own fund-raising efforts and financial support assist in providing a better place to live, work and play in the Swan River Valley.