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Community Foundation of Swan Valley

Leaving an everlasting legacy for the Swan River Valley, Manitoba, Canada

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Online donations

You can make a donation conveniently online through Endow Manitoba.

Gifting opportunities

Designated Fund
Minimum $7,500.00
You choose a favourite registered charity. Each year the income is designated to that organization. See a listing of Designated funds.
Field of Interest Fund
Minimum $7,500.00
You request the Foundation to direct the earnings to a particular area of interest; i.e. arts, youth, seniors, etc. See a listing of Field of Interest funds.
Donor Advised Fund
Minimum $7,500.00
You advise the Foundation each year as to which charitable organizations are to benefit from the fund income. You have the opportunity to change your focus every year. See a listing of Donor Advised funds.
Unrestricted Fund
Minimum $7,500.00
You choose to give the administration of the fund to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. This will meet unexpected local needs and benefit a broad spectrum of charitable work in the valley. See a listing of Unrestricted funds.
Minimum $7,500.00
You choose to give to a designated field of study or criteria of your choosing. See a listing of scholarships and bursaries.
Community Unnamed Funds
No Minimum
Friends of the Valley: $1.00 – $99.00
Century Club: $100.00 – $499.00. See a listing of members.
Builders Club: $500.00 – $999.00. See a listing of members.

Not everyone can create a private foundation, but any individual, family or group can establish a Fund within the Community Foundation of Swan Valley Inc. Contact any board member for information to create your fund, adding it to the list of restricted funds.

Scholarships and bursaries

The Province of Manitoba in 2006 introduced a five-year program to match new scholarship or bursary funds established within Manitoba Community Foundations to a maximum of $100,000 per year.

Several funds have been established by our Community Foundation under this initiative to assist students pursuing higher levels of education. Contact any board member for information to create your fund, adding it to the list of scholarships and bursaries.

Celebrate ...

A birthday or anniversary with a gift to the Community Foundation in the name of a person or the couple being honoured. To make a donation, download and complete the Special Occasions donation form. The celebrant’s name will be added to the list of list of special occasions.

Leave a tribute ...

In memory of a loved one or good friend with a gift to the Community Foundation. To make a donation, download and complete the Foundation Memorial donation form. The recipient’s name will be added to the list of memorial donations.

Leave a legacy

Think of community as another heir and leave a legacy to the Valley.

“Will Power” is what individuals create when they prepare a will. It enables people to provide for loved ones and, if they wish, to make a difference in their community.

After providing for family and friends, some donors leave a percentage of the residue of their estate to their local foundation. By doing so, their gift may result in a substantial tax benefit making everyone a winner.

We can help you establish a permanent fund and leave a legacy for generations to come. We have a variety of funds available. It is never too early to plan your estate.

To learn more about making a gift to the Foundation, contact your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor for particulars.

Heritage Club

The Heritage Club evolved with more than one purpose in mind – not just to raise funds, but to provide a central location to recognize publicly the contributions of individuals and families, past or present, and to enable each of us to be benefactors of that heritage. The fund opened April 9, 2009 and closed June 30, 2015.

Each donation of $1,000 to the Community Foundation of Swan Valley enables families or friends to have the name of the individual or family placed on a plaque located on the Swan Valley Museum grounds.

The funds raised will be a source of revenue to be passed down to the generations who follow to make this valley their home.

See the list of Heritage Club members.

Founders Club

From April 19, 2005 to April 19, 2009, two hundred and twelve generous members made contributions of at least $1,000 to this bold initiative to establish The Community Foundation of Swan Valley, thus helping to preserve and enhance the quality of life today, tomorrow and forever. See the list of Founders Club members.

“Your gift is never spent or used up; it goes on giving forever.”