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Foundation Feature

The importance of cultural heritage

  – Foundation Feature November 17, 2020 courtesy of Swan Valley Star and Times

Picture of St. Margaret's Anglican Church before and after the new facelift

Cultural heritage – it represents our history and our identity: our bond with the past, to our present and to the future. This little Anglican Church, that dates to the early 1940s, is a heritage site filled with memories and history for the residents of Mafeking.

Unfortunately, it was in need of a new facelift: repairs to the siding and a good coat of paint. A contractor was hired to do the work and it's now been restored to its initial glory days. Any further maintenance will be done by the RM of Mountain. Future plans involve documenting and publicizing information about the church and its contents.

The Community Foundation of Swan Valley is pleased to have been a part of this important restoration project to protect the Valley's heritage.