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Foundation Feature

Restoration of Learners Park in Mintonas

  – Foundation Feature September 15, 2020 courtesy of Swan Valley Star and Times

Picture of Learners Park restored to its former beauty

Thanks to members of the Tent Town Garden Club, Learners Park in Minitonas has been restored to its former beauty. Unkempt and diseased trees were removed, boulders were placed behind the bench, and the fence was prepared and stained. Dog waste bins were put in place.

A Tent Town Walking Trail Map identifies the walking trails through Minitonas. Smaller signs will indicate direction of travel. A Manitoba 150 sign will also be put in place.

Club members have agreed to maintain the shrubs and flowers on a volunteer basis. Congratulations to these good folks who have enhanced the park, ensuring accessibility of the picnic area to all ages and levels of mobility.