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Foundation Feature

A community in bloom

  – Foundation Feature July 21, 2015 courtesy of Swan Valley Star and Times

Despite a distinct lack of rain this spring, our little community is very much “in bloom” with the lovely trees that line our streets in full leaf regalia. And this is due in part to loyal volunteers who make up the Urban Forest Committee. The Community that Blooms Committee, again all volunteers, is commited to fostering civic pride through the beautification of the town.

Their initiative this year was to purchase two water-saving planters, which can be seen as one enters the town from the east. A very beautiful Canadian “Flag in Flowers” greets visitors from the west. The volunteers are also responsible for planting and maintaining all the flower beds and pots in the Legion Park.

The Community Foundation is pleased to support this year’s purchase of the special planters. And it salutes the committed committee members who work so tirelessly to keep our “community in bloom”.