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Foundation Feature

Old time community spirit alive and well in Kenville

  – Foundation Feature May 19, 2015 courtesy of Swan Valley Star and Times

Just about anyone who has ever lived in the valley has happy memories of a good time “had by all” at the Kenville Memorial Hall. For decades it has been the meeting place for parties, dances, wedding receptions, political meetings, teas, curling suppers, plays, and any number of events that make up the fabric of a small community’ life. Kenville residents want to see their hall stay active and viable, but due to time and wear, many repairs and upgrades are needed to meet today’s safety standards.

Some residents have already pitched in to do a portion of the necessary work. Others have worked tirelessly at raising funds. And the entire village is behind the project to ensure that it continues to be a major focal point of their home town.

The Community Foundation of Swan Valley is pleased to play a role in helping to maintain this heritage facility with a grant to help with the necessary renovations.