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Community Foundation of Swan Valley

Leaving an everlasting legacy for the Swan River Valley, Manitoba, Canada

Foundation Feature

The Swan Valley Legacy

  – Foundation Feature April 21, 2015 courtesy of Swan Valley Star and Times

The Community Foundation of Swan Valley: The word community means many things to so many people and the world to us. We are a charitable organization fund by local citizens. Our dream: to help people invest in building a community that is a better place to live, work and play. We fund local projects and initiatives through invested proceeds of donations. The principal is never touched.

That principal, your donation, creates a legal of ongoing benefits with the valley being its sole beneficiary. By choosing to use the foundation for memorial donations, a loved one’s memory lives on forever through grants, bursaries and scholarships.

In less than ten years, over $200,000 in grants have helped a variety of organizations, clubs and individuals. And this does not include the bursaries and scholarships that have helped our young people further their education.