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Community Foundation of Swan Valley

Leaving an everlasting legacy for the Swan River Valley, Manitoba, Canada

Foundation Feature

One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade. (Chinese Proverb)

  – Foundation Feature January 20, 2015 courtesy of Swan Valley Star and Times

As we embark on a new year, the Community Foundation of Swan Valley is grateful to the people and organizations who and which have enabled them to address charitable needs in every corner of the valley. Last year they distributed close to $38,000 in grants to help with protecting animals, hall renovations, rink upgrades, playground equipment, purchasing dance costumes, youth education, technology improvement, bursaries, scholarships, and a host of other areas that will continue to help make the valley a good place to live and raise children.

Unlike other charities, all donations are kept in perpetuity, only the interest is spent. The board is grateful to the individuals who chose to have memorial donations make to them, ensuring that their loved one’s memory will be kept into the future. They are equally grateful to the people who used the Foundation as a means to remember the birthday of a friend or family member, an anniversary or a special occasion. All donations are tax deductible.