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Foundation Feature

Providing shelter for volunteers as they care for abused and rescued animals

  – Foundation Feature May 21, 2013 courtesy of Swan Valley Star and Times

Picture of the new shed for volunteers to get warm in winter and cool off during summer

When the Swan Valley Animal Protection League moved onto the property where their dog facility is located, they very much needed a place to warm up during the winter months. With financial help from the James and Marie Hogg Designated Fund and a grant from the Community Foundation of Swan Valley, these dedicated and caring volunteers, who daily are faced with chores to look after rescued animals, now have a place with a wood-burning stove where they can warm up with a cup of coffee during the winter months and to get out of the heat of the day while having their lunch during the summer.

Although small in numbers and always in need of more volunteers and helpers to walk and care for the animals, this group continues to provide a much-needed service in the valley area. The Community Foundation is pleased to have been able to support their efforts to save and care for abused and rescued animals.