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Community Foundation of Swan Valley

Leaving an everlasting legacy for the Swan River Valley, Manitoba, Canada

Foundation Features

May 21, 2019“H” Block Party
Apr 16, 2019Swan Valley Credit Union Aquatic Centre
Mar 19, 2019Swan Valley Cheetahs Gymnastics Club
Feb 19, 2019Minitonas School Band
Jan 15, 2019Swan Valley Minor Hockey Association
Nov 20, 2018Benito and District Recreation Complex
Oct 16, 2018Martina Tibble and Alison Henkelman
Sep 18, 2018Kids of Thunder Club
Aug 21, 2018SVRSS football program
Jul 17, 2018Bowsman School Garden Club
Jun 19, 2018SVRSS Youth in Philanthropy 2018 (Y.I.P.) Team
May 15, 2018Swan River Royal Purple and Elks
Apr 17, 2018PeeWee A Hockey
Mar 20, 2018Sunflower Early Learning Centre
Feb 20, 2018Communities that Care Program
Jan 16, 2018Parkland Special Olympics
Dec 19, 2017Community Foundation of Swan Valley
Nov 21, 2017Veterans Community Hall
Oct 17, 2017Tent Town Garden Club
Sep 19, 2017Breanna Anderson Master of Science program
Aug 15, 2017Swan River Day Care Centre
Jul 18, 2017Wellman Lake United Church Camp
Jun 20, 2017Taylor School Parent Advisory Council
May 19, 2017Swan River Adult Education
Apr 18, 2017Jean Donaldson
Mar 21, 2017Bowsman United Church Quilt Group
Feb 21, 2017Swan Valley Communities that Care
Jan 17, 2017Canadian Parents for French – Swan River Chapter
Dec 20, 2016Veterans Community Hall
Nov 15, 2016Succeed Connections Program Cooking Class
Oct 18, 2016North-West Regional Library
Sep 20, 2016Kenville Food Booth
Aug 16, 2016Communities in Bloom Committee
Jul 19, 2016Dr. Rex and Beverly Leach Animal Health Bursary
Jun 21, 2016Swan River Valley Agricultural Society
May 17, 2016Swan River Day Care Centre
Apr 19, 2016Swan River Junior Curling Club
Mar 15, 2016Swan Valley Communities that Care
Feb 16, 2016Thunderhill Ski Club
Jan 19, 2016Benito Vesseli Dance Club
Dec 15, 2015Community Foundation of Swan Valley
Nov 17, 2015Snowboard Park
Oct 20, 2015Minitonas Middle Years School
Sep 22, 2015Heyes School Day Care Centre
Aug 18, 2015Swan River Rotary Club – Legion Park Rotary Pathway
Jul 21, 2015The Community that Blooms Committee
Jun 16, 2015Dr. Rex and Beverly Leach Animal Health Fund Scholarship
May 19, 2015Kenville Memorial Hall
Apr 21, 2015Community Foundation of Swan Valley
Mar 17, 2015Swan Valley Animal Protection League
Feb 17, 2015The Harley House
Jan 20, 2015The Community Foundation of Swan Valley
Dec 09, 2014Swan Valley Communities that Care
Oct 22, 2014North-West Regional Library
Sep 16, 2014Cowan Community Centre
Aug 19, 2014Swan Valley Credit Union Aquatic Centre
Jul 15, 2014Benito Royal Canadian Legion Hall
Jun 17, 2014Swan River Golf and Country Club
May 20, 2014Swan River Adult Education Inc.
Apr 15, 2014The Health Awareness Program
Mar 18, 2014Association for Community Living – Swan River
Feb 18, 2014Services to Seniors
Jan 17, 2014Swan Valley Communities that Care
Dec 17, 2013Dr. Rex and Beverly Leach Scholarship
Nov 19, 2013Swan Valley Cheetahs Gymnastic Club
Oct 15, 2013Heyes School Daycare Centre
Sep 17, 2013Air Cadet Squadron 519
Aug 20, 2013Northern Neighbours Seniors’ Centre
Jul 16, 2013Harley House
Jun 18, 2013Minitonas Middle Years School
May 21, 2013Swan Valley Animal Protection League
Apr 16, 2013Swan River & District Community Resource Council
Mar 19, 2013North-West Regional Library
Feb 19, 2013Community Bible Fellowship Christian School
Jan 15, 2013Special Olympics Clubs
Nov 20, 2012Durban Community Hall
Sep 18, 2012SVRSS Social Justice Committee
Aug 21, 2012Mafeking Volunteer Fire Deparment
Jul 24, 2012Swan River Urban Forest Committee
Jun 19, 2012Benito Vesselli Dance Club
May 15, 2012Kenville Memorial Hall
Apr 17, 2012Mafeking and District Community Hall
Mar 20, 2012Swan River & District Community Resource Council
Feb 21, 2012North Mountain Riders
Jan 17, 2012Community Foundation of Swan Valley
Dec 20, 2011Swan Valley Food Bank
Nov 15, 2011Shaker Misto Ukrainian Dancers
Oct 18, 2011Air Cadet Program
Sep 20, 2011Youth in Philanthropy
Aug 23, 2011Harley House
Jul 26, 2011Benito & District Recreation Centre
Jun 21, 2011Whitefish Lake Campers’ Association
May 17, 2011Bowsman School Parent Advisory Council