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Community Foundation of Swan Valley

Leaving an everlasting legacy for the Swan River Valley, Manitoba, Canada

What We Do

What is a community foundation?

The Community Foundation of Swan Valley was established in 2005 as a non-political, non-religious, self-governed registered public charity. Its Board is comprised of 12 local citizens who are appointed by a separate nominating committee. See a listing of past boards.

The Community Foundation is unique in that it is the only charity focused on the creation of permanent endowment funds. It is a 360-degree provider covering all sectors of charitable need in every corner of the Swan Valley.

Our goals

Preserving and enhancing the quality of life: today, tomorrow, forever.

Our objectives

Benefitting our Community

We are all for Community. Community means many things to so many people and the world to us. We are a charitable organization founded by local citizens. Our dream... to help community minded individuals invest in building a strong and resilient place to live, work and play.

We fund community projects through the invested proceeds of donations. The principal is never touched. That principal, your donation, creates a legacy of ongoing benefits with the Swan River Valley being the sole beneficiary.

The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.

The Foundation is simply a vehicle for donors to contribute their cash, trusts, bequests or real property to create permanent endowments that will:

We connect people who care with causes that matter!

How it works

A gift becomes an endowment which provides a never-ending source of income to the community. It differs from other types of charitable gifts in that it remains actively invested – the original gift remains untouched. The interest earned is then used to support local charities.

Each endowed gift may carry the name of a person, a family, or a business. These endowed gifts are pooled and invested to become a very valuable and self sustaining source of revenue – a true legacy.

A permanent endowment fund with the Community Foundation has an objective of distributing a minimum 5% each year. For example, a gift of $1,000 would produce $50 every year. In 20 years, this would total $1,000 in charitable grants. The original gift is secured and its interest is working for the community.

Why contribute to the Community Foundation?

Happy memories are a gift. Most people who grew up in the Swan Valley have nothing but happy memories of their childhood and youth. School meant meeting new people and teachers who cared; going to town on Saturday night was a treat. Many look back on those years as some of the happiest times of their lives. Several attribute their later successes to life in the Valley with its solid values and respect for one another.

With the Community Foundation of Swan Valley, residents and former residents, active and retired business people and farmers have a chance to give something back, either through a financial donation, or by leaving a bequest in their will. Help young people, support seniors, be there for aspiring students, musicians, and artists, sustain sports enthusiasts and events. Everybody benefits: the people in the Valley for years to come and the donors and contributors by way of tax savings. Check with an accountant and any board member to learn how to leave a legacy.


The Community Foundation prides itself in open and public accountability, careful stewardship of the gifts it receives, while respecting privacy and providing appropriate recognition to our donors.

The Community Foundation has formally adopted a national code of ethics, a statement of donor rights and the practice of public accountability.

Endowment funds are combined and placed in a professionally managed investment portfolio.

An annual independent audit is completed and made available for public information. See a listing of summarized financial statements.